Location: Martin's Bay, Grenada

We started our Grenadian Valentine’s Day bright and early at 6:00 am to motor to Martin’s Bay and, incidentally, to catch a gorgeous swirly pink sunrise almost as romantic as the “Secret Valentine” gifts we made for one another and almost as beautiful as the red frosted cake we had later to celebrate our first holiday spent together aboard Ocean Star. Later on, we went snorkeling and scuba diving through the world’s first underwater sculpture gallery right here in Grenada. Opened in 2006 by artist and activist Jason deCaires Taylor with materials derived from life casts of the local community, the park was designed to promote conservation as well as to engage locals and tourists alike with the underwater environment surrounding this beautiful island. His art serves as a reef structure on which corals, sponges, and such to healthfully live and grow, in turn attracting fish and all kinds of marine life to a sweet new place to call home. We also got some free shore time to explore Grenada. The highlight of my day was finding the perfect Valentine’s Day lover’s present to and from myself- Grenada Chocolate Company. If you ever see this, thank you from the bottom of my awakened and enlightened heart for your phenomenal Salty-Licious 71% organic, all-natural dark chocolate. I hope my friends at home don’t actually read these because I loved it so much that I bought some as a surprise for everyone I know and now sleep on a warm and fuzzy pillow of chocolate bark stacks. My brain’s serotonin levels skyrocketed. I had the physiological malfunction of being literally incapable of doing anything with my face other than smile really wide and awkwardly all day, even during the Marine Biology exam we took in the evening. As Skipper of the day and thus Cupid’s proclaimed mortal incarnation representing all aboard our vessel, I am also pleased to report much love, happiness, and gratitude in our air today. We are wishing a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!

Nicole R.