Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

It was a slow rise this morning for the crew of Ocean Star. It wasn’t intended to be so, but there were some persistent sleepers that endeavored to snooze through loud music. Emergency awakening powers had to be enacted, which called for the pot of alertness and the spoon of adrenaline to be mated together with great force at rapid intervals. Breakfast went smoothly thereafter, resulting in all of the students making it ashore swiftly, just in time to hike Mount Qua Qua and plunge into the Seven Sisters waterfalls. The Mount Qua Qua Trail was the first leg of the journey and provided plenty of mud deposits on both body and clothing to warrant the washing at the waterfalls. The footing on the trail was a bit tricky, as recent rains had turned the clay trail into deep mud pools. A game was played by all who hiked where falling only counted if your butt, knee, or elbow hit the ground. Only one or two survived with non-muddied butts. After summiting Mount Qua Qua, we made our way down to the base of the Seven Sisters Waterfall. It was quite the view from the base of the first two waterfalls. Everyone jumped in to wash off the mud, and a few jumped down the smaller waterfall as a warm-up for what lay in store. Those who were confident and brave enough clawed their way up a side trail shown to us by our trusty guide Warren and arrived at the first of the sisters. From there, we rode the currents and smaller falls down until we reached the biggest fall, which we had seen when we first arrived. The jumps went great, and everyone who went was glad to have done so. Many a tired and chilly shipmates returned to Ocean Star to a hot meal of “thanksgiving” dinner. It was the perfect ending for such an exciting day.


Ian M