Location: Nevis to Antigua

Today was full of sailing! At 7:00 AM, we successfully set sail from Nevis to our destination in Antigua. A tropical depression had altered our plans a little (don’t worry, friends and family; we are safely docked in English Harbor). Still, I think most were looking forward to a little land time to explore the forts built around Antigua by the English to protect themselves from the British centuries ago. Throughout the day, the crew took turns manning the helm, each person getting a real feel for just how to control this 88ft schooner we call our home. Although nerve-racking at first, steering the boat would have to be one of the most exciting tasks to do while sailing across the Caribbean all day! Others found pleasure hiding away in the bunks, reading various books, or partaking in a little fishing off the stern of the boat. The fishermen were actually quite successful, catching a Mahi Mahi, Little Tunny, and a Spanish Mackerel. Pictured here, Sahil fillets his first fish.

As you can see, he was very excited about it! After a hard day’s work of sailing the ocean blue, our journey came to an end around midnight when we finally reached the shores of Antigua. Although full of smiles and slightly salted, we were exhausted and ready for a good night’s rest. The sails and anchors were dropped. We headed to bed, anxious for the next couple of days, which would be filled with exploration. Stay tuned to hear about our land excursions on the great island of sea and sun, Antigua!