Location: Antigua

After waking up to see sun on a day originally fore-casted with rain and thunder, we all had a yummy cereal breakfast and got ready for MTE class. In MTE class we learned about speed, direction, and time and how to measure each in nautical terms. We then got dressed and ready to go on an exciting hike for SCIENCE! We got dropped off at a nearby beach and hiked to the peak of the cliffs overlooking the ocean on the other side of the harbor. The hike continued down the other side of the cliffs, down to some inter-tidal pools. We spent our time at the pools exploring, taking pictures of fish, crabs and other marine life, as well as splashing around and having fun. Laurie talked about the necessary adaptations the different marine creatures needed to survive in the area and showed us an example with a tiny slug-looking animal. It then came time to head back so we all walked back to the beach and made a sand castle, swam, and sun bathed, while waiting for the dinghies to pick us up. After a quick change of clothing and rinse we all headed into town to eat lunch. Paige and Haley found a nice caf with internet to eat lunch while the rest of us found a local restaurant where we feasted on roti, pumpkin soup, and burgers. After lunch we picked up our laundry, had some internet time, and some explored the nearby British fort. Rescue divers had class that afternoon and everyone else relaxed while waiting to take showers and have dinner. Dinner was delicious chili and rice and following dinner we will have an exciting OCE class and then play the illustrious game of PIRATES!!!!