Location: Sandy Spit

Today was our second to last full day with Seamester.

You always expect the last days with the people you have spent the summer with to be sad. But then, when the last day
actually comes around, it hits you unexpectedly.
It’s hard to stop yourself from thinking about all the “last” things that we will do on this boat. We had our last dinner on board, our last “Squeeze,” our last ocean shower, our last dive, and many more.
Instead of telling you what we did on our last day, I’d like to reflect on my time here in the Caribbean with my 15 other peers.
Within the first two weeks, I was adamant that Seamester wasn’t for me. Although I had done various amount of programs overseas before, somehow, SeaMester’s demands and course structure were more difficult than I had imagined. I never had previously thought that making a new group of friends and learning to live in small quarters and sailing (!) could be demanding and mentally challenging. I had already made arrangements to go home when we were at St. Barths. However, after talking to my peers and Monika, the captain, I realized that I would be making a huge mistake. I don’t know if I was too proud to go home having “failed,” but it seemed that turning down this opportunity to go diving and hiking almost every other day would do me more harm than good.
I am so grateful that I decided to stay! Because I have a tendency to get depressed bouts, I have learned to change my thinking to a more positive one. Being aboard Seamester has allowed me to stretch my limits in ways that are shaping me.
What doesn’t kill you truly, makes you stronger.