Location: MA

A question I’ve contemplated these past few months. Home is where people feel loved and give support. It is a community that truly cares unconditionally for one another, and where you feel comfortable to be authentically yourself. For myself and for 27 other unique individuals, our home was Argo. A home that we created together through friendship, trust, laughter, passion, and even tears. Argo has carried us across the vast ocean, through an endless number of squalls, sunny days, and starry nights. We have traveled across the Prime Meridian and past the Equator, to places and countries most people can only dream of going. Together we have experienced beautiful cultures. We have met the most gracious and kind people, seen the coolest animals, and explored breathtaking beaches, caves, forests, and mountains.

On the day we had to leave Argo, I sat on top of the bags in Doctor on our way to the shores of Antigua. Looking back on Argo as she got smaller and smaller, the further we got, I felt my heartbreak, and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was leaving my home, where I had lived for 67 days, where I made the most amazing friends, and where I fell in love with sailing and the ocean. Leaving Argo was truly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss waking up for watch at 0400, the port six-man, sail handling, the helm, even pumping the heads 50 times, but especially the Argo crew, made up of the staff and shipmates, we were all family. As Argo disappeared into the horizon, I was comforted by the feeling that I would be back on Argo someday.

What we experienced on Argo was more than can be put into words. It was simply a life-changing journey, and together we are forever connected through Argo and our Atlantic crossing. Life is going to take all 28 of us in different directions, but no matter where we go, we will always be there for one another, and we will always have memories of Argo on our minds and in our hearts.