Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Passage prep commenced at six in the morning. The early morning sun, a light rain patter on the hatches, and a Jack Johnson playlist nudged restful eyelids open. Time passes to the rhythm of rolling waves. Paradoxically the days melt into each other like the sun on the horizon on the leeward side of Dominica, while the minutes maintain prudent punctuality. As with nearly every morning, a rainbow listened to our breakfast hum. Raising three of our six sails, we raced away from Dominica and the rain showers that engulfed the island. During the passage to Les Saintes, a pod of dolphins befriended our bow, leaping through our spray in the drizzle and mist. After rotating through the helm, bow watch, engine checking, plotting, and the numerous other responsibilities on board, we arrived and anchored in a French cove in Les Saintes. Rumor has it croissants, and coffee can be found in town, to the right of which a hill perfect for sunrise hikes towers and to the left of which is the destination of a night diving adventure looms. Leaping off the bowsprit, showers were enjoyed in the slanting evening sun. Oceanography class centered on waves, inspired by our body surfing adventures yesterday and will be followed by navigation training tonight Goodnight from a healthy and happy crew. We will share the night watch under the stars in our new temporary home of Les Saintes.

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