Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Another beautiful day in paradise! After another night of anchor watch we started the day off with real, not powder, eggs that our chefs whipped up, followed by our first OCE class. It has come to our realization that it’s going to be tough to pay attention with such beautiful surroundings. After class we went to shore, to take a windward/leeward “stroll,” to discover the differences between the two sides. Back on the boat we set out to finish our confined water dive training which was full of flips, dips, and tricks. We are now ready to take on the ocean! It is funny to see how close 16 strangers have gotten in just four days; we act as though we have been long childhood friends. Tonight we are being trained in first aid and CPR. The only thing we will need to be nursed back to is reality when this amazing voyage is sadly over.