Location: Roseau, Dominica

On our first full day in Dominica, we spent our morning scuba diving. We woke up early at 6:45 in order to fit in as much as possible! With the help of a local dive shop, we traveled out to Witches’ Point. Dominica is full of volcanic activity, past, and present, and both of our dives today demonstrated that. Witches’ Point is the side of a volcanic crater that drops from the shoreline to 1900m in an incredibly short amount of time. Our advanced open water candidates made use of this in order to complete their Deep Dive, and we traveled down to 80 feet below the sea level. For our second dive, we traveled to Champagne Reef. Hydrothermal vents are very close to the surface here, and Champagne Reef earns its name from the small bubbles that escape around those vents. While the second dive was much shallower than the first, it allowed us to complete our Fish ID Dive, leaving us with only two more until our certification is complete! Both reefs were extremely healthy and boasted a huge number of both fish and species for us to discover. Afterward, we came back to the boat for lunch before heading out to explore Roseau, the capital of Dominica. While some students chose to check out the local KFC or grab some ice cream, most spent their time exploring the local streets, markets, and stores. Afterward, we returned to Argo for burgers, and a surprise from Tina and the chefs – Churros! Tonight, we have SLS.


P.S. Anna says happy birthday Alex!

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