Location: Dominica

Ahoy there!!

Today the crew of Argo took on the land of Dominica and got to hike to the only boiling lake left in the world!! We had one eager crewmember who couldn’t wait to take a dip in the springs later in the day, so instead, he toppled off the dingy nice and early in the morning. Once we were all recollected and shuttled to the starting point of the hike, we took our first uphill step. Little did we know that this would be the first of 2,000,008 inclined steps we would be taking in the hours to come (this is a precise number, staff member Simon counted each and everyone). Although every single glute and quad on each of our bodies was burning to a crisp, there is no denying that we saw some of the most incredible views we had ever seen. It began as a scenic rainforest, complete with the chirping of every exotic bird imaginable, then began to transform into rolling hills that you would imagine Julie Andrews to be frolicking through. Right before our final destination, we walked through (what Carolyn accurately described as) Mars, and then three hours and 5.5 miles later, we finally reached the boiling lake. Here we took in the sweet smell of rotten eggs while eating our soggy PB&J’s (all jokes aside, this was one of the coolest spots one could ever imagine eating lunch).

Once we were full and rejuvenated, we started our journey back to the van. About halfway through, we got to stop to take a dip in natures spa!! Not only did we get a chance to soak in some BEAUTIFUL natural hot springs and exfoliate with nature’s mud masks, but we were also given the opportunity to learn some valuable life lessons…

1. Bringing your iPhone into a hot spring is almost always a terribly bad idea (RIP to the second lost iPhone of the trip/day)

2. For whatever reason, sulfuric water turns silver into a nice bronze/ dirt color

Post- spa, the rain came to hurry us along back to our starting point. I am pleased to announce that all members made it back safely, with their legs only partially being jelly. And after consuming a few snacks that were being sold at the starting point, a few brave souls decided to go explore caverns/ waterfalls that could be seen in Pirates of the Caribbean 2! This extra adventure ended up being the highlight of many people’s day!

Needless to say, this was one of the most amazing days that we have had so far, and each of us is eager for more adventures to come!


**No actual pirates were crossed during our adventures today. But I am glad to see so many people read this trip log due to the engaging name!!


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