Location: Dominica

Sixteen days have already flown by while here on Argo. Today, the crew went to Grand Bay Primary School on the other side of Dominica. There, we split into two groups, one group teaching the kids about marine biology and fish in the ocean, and the other group teaching kids different knots and sailing terminology. The crew and the kids both had a blast; they all seemed very excited to be having us teach them about things that they might use in their own lives. The kids got to color in pictures of fish and also played Simon Says on a big boat made of rope in front of the school.

After leaving the school, the crew drove across the island to Trafalgar Falls. After a short walk to the waterfalls, we climbed up a number of slippery and treacherous rocks near the base of one waterfall. However, there was a large pool we could all swim and play in. Just below that pool, there was a flow of water coming from one of the nearby hot springs, which was a very nice way to relax after having climbed all those rocks. The pictures truly do not do the beauty of the area justice.

After two long days of hiking, the crew of Argo returned to the boat exhausted and ready to nap. The class might be a little harder to stay awake tonight.

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