Location: 14 46.90'N 62 03.17'W

Today we said goodbye to the breathtakingly beautiful island of Dominica and set sail for Bonaire. We have approximately 450 nautical miles to travel over the next three days, and we intend to make the most of every minute of the journey. Over the last few days, we have all had the immense pleasure of exploring the small nation’s hidden treasures, and I think we all gained a tremendous appreciation for the country and its beautiful landscape and vibrant culture. We’ve been living aboard Argo for 17 days now, but it feels like so much longer. The connections that have been established in such a short time are truly unbelievable, and I don’t think there is a single one of us who would rather be back living our normal lives right now. Even the activities that would be tedious or mundane at home are interesting and (somehow) fun aboard Argo. Our passage prep today went as smooth as silk, and we are now on course for Bonaire, where we will get to do two more of our advanced dives, which I know everyone aboard Argo is looking forward to. We hit 11.6 knots today while sailing away from Dominica which is pretty good for a vessel of this size given the wind conditions we have faced today. Hopefully, we can continue making good time so that we can have time to jump in and swim on the way to Bonaire, as long as the weather permits us to do so. Anyways, its time for me to sign off and start working on my Lionfish essay for Marine Biology class, but I know we would all appreciate it very much if you collectively prayed to the wind gods for us so that we can get some good sailing in over the next couple days, and check back in tomorrow for another update on our second passage aboard Argo!

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