Location: Young Island, St Vincent and The Grenadines

This morning started early for some of the Ocean Star crew. Celia, Henry, Grady, and Ash decided to go snorkeling at sunrise. I was supposed to go, but apparently, everyone was afraid to wake me up; I did appreciate the extra sleep. Anyway, breakfast came around with green muffins to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day; even though the chefs were short a few ingredients, they managed to pull it off. We continued to sharpen our navigation skills in Seamanship, followed by an amazing presentation in Oceanography by Katie. After lunch, some of us got our dive kits together and dove under the boat. We swam along with the angelfishes, triggerfishes, and Steve as he provided more entertainment than any fish, photographing rocks (Although to my untrained eye, he was actually photographing an arrowhead crab). We finally had the opportunity to climb the massive rock just next to our mooring spot. We shuttled up and made our way up the steep precarious steps all the way to the top. On the way, we discovered some massive cannons, and I sat on one. Old stone walls and forts lined the trails, alluring to the history of the Caribbean wars. Reaching the peak, we were treated to an amazing view of Saint Vincent and some time to absorb the beautiful scenery. Keaton, Addisen, and Katie did an excellent job cooking up BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner, with cornbread and green cake. Altogether a fantastic day, cannot wait for tomorrow.

Picture 1: Henry waving while scuba diving
Picture 2: Noah, living on the edge
Picture 3: Snorkel Squad
Picture 4: Celia.. sitting in a window… gap… thing
Picture 5: Henry swimming through holes
Picture 6: Dinner.
Picture 7: Top of St. Vincent
Picture 8: Johnny, the eel scientist
Picture 9: Emergency photo (in case I didn’t take any, but it’s a great pic)
Picture 10: Chris is surprised/terrified
Picture 11: Noah and I. Candid.
Picture 12: Celia looking off into the distance again.
Picture 13: Standing on the wall, Johnny always looks when I try to take a candid photo
Picture 14: Top of St. Vincent
Picture 15: Bunker window
Picture 16: Erin and Johnny again
Picture 17: NAV masters chart plotting cape henry light
Picture 18: Keaton and Addisen selfie
Picture 19: A fantastic view