Location: Petite Byhaut, Saint Vincent

Hello and welcome back readers, today marks my newest full rotation on the job wheel, meaning I am again skipper, Brahm is again head chef, and the dishy pit is again miserable. Today is also day 40, marking our halfway point in this wonderful trip. Many feel as if time is flowing through their fingers like a handful of sand, but a few feel as if the time is dragging on like our anchor in the nighttime (just don’t wake Steve unless we’re out of the circle). I started playing calm music at the stroke of 7, but I let most of the crew sleep in, seeing that Brahm was riding solo in the kitchen again, and his meal seemed to be only just beginning by the time I awoke. But let me tell you it was worth the wait, freshly made scones and hash browns, every crew member’s dream. After breakfast, the dishy pit was again treated to their day of reckoning as almost every pot and pan onboard piled high out of the bucket.

We then sat down in the salon to be enlightened by Steve about the many odd creatures that live in the deep sea. We learned about Gulper Eels, Angler fish, Barrel Eye fish, and the like for a solid hour. After everyone was saturated with interesting deep-sea information, it was time for snorkel group one to go out to the bat cave. They saw many interesting marine creatures and, most unsurprisingly of all, Bats. Whilst snorkel group one was out adventuring, snorkel group two sat down and watched an adventure unfold in the salon. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers rang out on the surround sound as all of us sat around, thoroughly intrigued by the story unfolding.

Once snorkel group one returned and put away their things, it was time for lunch. Brahm had made a whole bowl full of falafels, and we excitedly scarfed them down. Following lunch, we piled into the salon for leadership class taught by Ash. We did a “pulse check” where we wrote down how we were feeling about our Seamester experience so far. Ash then surprised us with a very intensive leadership activity; a siesta! We all dispersed to either nap or go chillax on deck for the next hour before snorkel group two headed off to do their share in exploring the bat cave. After they returned, we all helped Sam unload provisions, and then I was awoken from my slumber so snorkel group two and I could finish Lord of the Rings. Once we concluded, we stayed in the salon as Brahm, Ash, and I started making Arepas, and Keaton started telling tales of what she would do if the ship was ever boarded by unwelcome guests or Orlando Bloom? There is a method to her madness that only she knows, but it’s damn well entertaining.

Once we had stopped laughing, we all meandered above deck for the dinner we had all been waiting for ~Arepas~. Imagine in movies when they open a treasure chest, and shimmering golden light floods the room, that’s what Arepas do, but the golden light is in your stomach. We engorged ourselves till we felt ill, and then some, the newly formed workout group will certainly have more attendees after today.

Today was a very solid day, filled with many fun activities and fun times with the crew.

Happy Birthday, Chloe!!!!!

Picture 1: Brahm making breakfast (he will smile one day)
Picture 2: The solemn faces of the dishy pit as pots and pans start piling high
Picture 3: Katie in the bat cave
Picture 4: Celia and Max snorkeling
Picture 5: Snorkel group 2 and I watching Lord of the Rings
Picture 6: Fun times and falafels
Picture 7: Arepa making and tall tales
Picture 8: Arepa eating