Location: Underway to Brazil

Wowzers bowsers, what a day we had a sea! Watch team 2 started today with the 12-4 am watch- a fan favorite for us. The stars were out in all of their glory-especially Scorpio, who Claire and I search for every night since Bangkok. We had lovely discussions, sharing stories, telling jokes, and chatting through a love circle where we told something we love about ourselves and something we admire about another person on watch. Thanks, Will, for prompting these discussions! We handed off to watch team three, wishing them a beautiful sunrise and accurate forbs. Unfortunately, the clouds got in the way, so no one was close enough for a win. Watch team one came on deck for a productive 8 am-12 pm, whipping lines, polishing, and studying for upcoming quizzes and exams. A pot pie lunch was cooked by our chefs MG, David, and Freddie- thanks, Gabe C, for making the pie crust! The sun was in full force today but that didn’t stop us from having an exciting afternoon of marine biology with our amazing Ben and seamanship with our incredible Gabe C. While everyone was down below, the rest of the staff worked on projects around the boat- including Claire successfully attaching leather to the end of the main sail boom for protection! Exciting stuff!
After classes, all of the students pushed through the heat to polish up their literary reviews for Oceanography (my class), which were submitted before dinner. Every single student has worked incredibly hard on this assignment, many being introduced to scientific writing for the first time here on Argo. I have been amazed at their drive, enthusiasm, and commitment to this assignment and the class overall. It is so exciting to see them become passionate about their topics, and I am looking forward to seeing what they have uncovered in their papers.
As the day finally started to cool, a stir-fry dinner got gophed up, and we all gathered around the cockpit to eat and enjoy the setting of the sun after another successful day at sea. This group is really starting to become a community, building each other up, constantly smiling and laughing, and forming lifelong memories and friendships. We are all looking forward to calling home in a few days to share with you all some of the best moments that have made this trip special already. Until then, know that we are doing great and having fun as we finish our journey across the Atlantic.

Special shout out to my brother Pat whose birthday it is today 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day, and can’t wait to chat soon <3