Location: Mayreau

Today started off with a passage to Mayreau and some fantastic apple cinnamon pancakes. Once there, we split into our two dive teams to go on a wreck dive of the 100 ft long Peruni that wrecked there after world war one. It was pretty hectic at first because we couldn’t find the mooring ball that marked the site, but once we located the wreck it was totally worth it. The coral and fish overall were really abundant and flourishing. In addition, I saw two eels, a gigantic porcupine fish, and a lot of lobster. There was also this little damselfish that was maybe two inches long colored half blue and half yellow that was like the Chihuahuas of the ocean, it was trying to ward off our dive instructor Kris. Every time he got close or tried to touch its tailfin it would charge at him. Other than that, we all just went to shore for a little while and worked on our essays and for dinner we had some amazing chicken parmesan with real chicken breasts instead of canned. The end.