Location: Mayreau

After four days of being out in the middle of nowhere, we left for Mayreau. Even though nowhere has probably been one of the most extraordinary places, I’ve ever been. As the days pass by, we are really getting into the swing of things. It is nice knowing what you’re supposed to do and knowing your job without having to even look at the schedule anymore. We were split into two groups, one before lunch and one after. For the first time, we got to scuba dive a wreck which was completely awesome even though it was only 35 or 40 feet deep. Everyone got to explore Mayreau, and we climbed to the top, where there was a church that overlooked it all. Once we got back to the boat, two incredible people decided they were going to shave. Well, shave what they had of a beard off and shaped them into handlebars. It was definitely the highlight of our day. One thing that dinner brought since I was so excited to eat tuna casserole, I totally forgot to come up with a question for the squeeze. So as it goes, life at sea keeps getting better and better.