Location: Union Island

Fabulous is the word of the day-fabulous sailing fabulous fun, it was a fabulous day. We realized today marked the first quarter of our voyage is already over. Even though every day is different we’ve gotten the knack of things and what the daily schedules are like. For now we’re just ignoring the fact time flies by so quickly. We got the majority to go yet but there’s no way we’re anywhere close to being ready for this adventure to end. This morning a couple of the crew went on their first sediment dive (these divers are getting really good) and learned how to handle all the research equipment. The rest of us had some good study time before we moved from Sandy Island to Union Island. It was a short trip but we got some really nice sailing in and lots more practice, which is always helpful. After a little boat appreciation everyone headed to land and chilled out on the waterfront. Thank you Katy P. and Charlie for the yummy tummy-filling spaghetti!