Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

After an early rise of 6:40 am and a lovely breakfast of cereal and yogurt, the crew of Ocean Star, embarked on a half-day voyage from Grand Mal to Carriacou. The journey lasted approximately 6 hours, during which we finally raised the sails and worked our way to Carriacou. The voyage was, for the most part, quite pleasant, with a steady wind and sunshine. Near the end of our journey, however, storm clouds loomed, and we prepared to deal with changes in wind and waves accordingly. Keeping with the luck we have had thus far on Ocean Star, we only grazed the squall and arrived in Carriacou without incident. After dropping anchor, Matt, Charlie, and Katy went with Casey on the first sediment dive of the trip while the rest of the crew headed to Sandy Island for some beach time. After such a relaxing afternoon, we enjoyed an absolutely delicious dinner of cheeseburgers prepared by Phil and Arielle. After an Oceanography class, the crew retired to rest up for another exciting day.