Location: Grand Mal, Grenada

Today we woke up to our last morning in Prickly Bay to a scrumptious breakfast of cereal with fresh papaya on the side. After spending the morning taking MTE classes with Kevin, the shipmates hauled anchor a little before lunch and we got under way to Grand Mal, a bay on the West coast of the island. As soon as our anchor bit, we were in the dinghies, heading to a nearby underwater sculpture park for an afternoon of snorkeling. An artist placed 8 sculptures on the bottom in and around a reef in a nearby bay to draw divers from other more overused reefs and to provide artificial reefs to promote coral growth. We swam around the reef in water from 15-30 feet deep, looking at the sculptures which were slowly being reclaimed from the sea. It was a slightly eery experience, especially one sculpture consisting of women lying on the sea floor who were slowly being buried by the sand. After we returned to Ocean Star, the shipmates enjoyed showers and Casey and Devin’s delicious Thai Curry. Happy Birthday Katie K! -E