Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Today; the 18th day of our epic adventure, was a relatively relaxed one. We enjoyed a nice breakfast of cereal and granola, the moved on to a short Marine Bio class. After class, the majority of the crew went to shore while Matt, Emily, Charlie and I stayed behind and conducted our first scientific dive. We joined the rest of the crew on shore around noon and all went into St. George’s; the oldest and most historical portion of the city in Grenada. We split into two groups, which both managed to find great local food. When we got back to the docks we all got to enjoy a fresh water shower and a basket full of our clean laundry which we picked up from a Laundromat next door. We finished off the day with a nice dinner of chicken fettuccini alfredo and a OCE class. Overall, it was a good day.