Location: CA

Oh, why hello, there loyal blog readers! To think this is my very last blog post is utterly disappointing because I have very much enjoyed bringing Ocean Star life right to your screen. In light of these recent changes of scenery, AKA, the corona quarantine, I thought I’d update you with a few changes I’ve experienced since being home.

While on OC, I found I quite like being up early in the morning, so I have surprisingly been sticking to our 7 am wake up. Unfortunately, instead of being woken up by a crew member’s voice or their sometimes questionable music choices, I am awoken by the horrific beeping of an alarm or if I’m really lucky, the sound of jackhammer or construction work (this often reminds me of some music we were woken up with, I mean this in the nicest way possible of course). Anyway, after a delightful wake-up, instead of being greeted with the wonderful sleepy faces of my friends, I go for a run. Now, this is something that is quite new because I hate running. I blame all the productive athletic people I was surrounded by for 45 days for this new addition to my routine. However, I do need to work on my fitness levels because if Ocean Star and I ever cross paths again, I have a few rematches to attend to. The first rematch is with the lovely bobstay. You see, on our last night, my attempt to push Sash in the water went south and ended with me having to climb this item. I truly thought I would spend the rest of my life in the ocean, but long story short, I needed some extra assistance at the top (thank you, Kasey, and others). You see, I dream of a world in which I could conquer this item.

Okay, so that’s rematch #1, but rematch #2, and I have a bit more history. This rematch goes by the name Exie. Exie is one of OC’s dinghies which the students are taught to operate. Now, I prefer to be a passenger rather than operating heavy machinery, but Sea|mester is all about growth and stuff, so I went to dingy school. Twice. Both times I was unable to start the engine. No matter how many times Lolo made, me say, “I’m the Boss,” I was never the boss. Exie is quite the worthy opponent, so I need to be prepared in case our paths ever cross in the future.

Anyway, the rest of my day after my run is not too exciting. I drink way too many smoothies, attend our zoom classes/squeezes, and watch too many crime shows if I’m being honest. However, I think it might comfort my crew to know that although many things have changed since we had to leave Ocean Star, some things haven’t. One example is my balance. Despite my home being stationary (besides the earthquake that gave us a good shaking a while ago) and d-ringless, I still find ways to trip and fall about. Anyway, since my life has not been too exciting since returning home, I thought I’d share a few memories from our time aboard Ocean Star that I thoroughly enjoy.

Kyle’s classic over the cap rail shower leap
Kasey NOT being the weakest link.
Ocean Star slowly rocking us to sleep while we’re trying to listen to Sash or Amanda’s lecture.
Eating so many apples.
Enjoying the night sky filled with millions of stars with my watch team
People saying “YEAH BUOY” every time I wore my shirt
Deckying up all the items on board
Watching students drift away in Exie while Sash hopped in Irv to go help them with a look of pure disappointment
Drinking the best smoothie surprise there ever was after the mud soak which was followed by Sash being left and forgotten by his van at the botanical gardens (he was found eventually)
The really cool sperm whales Lolo is obsessed with (I didn’t see them, but I feel like I did because she talked about them quite frequently)
Giraffes of Carriacou
The struggles of climbing the fo’c’s’ le ladder with things in your hands
Steve saying he’d scare pirates away by standing with a fire ax
Our first leadership class which ended with many tears
Matt and Matthew singing the National Anthem repeatedly during watches
Night snorkel in St. Lucia that ended with Kasey screaming over bioluminescence and the BEST hot chocolate that Lolo kindly made for us
Slipping and falling in the mud while climbing Mt. Qua Qua (well it could’ve just been me falling, but there was definitely lots of mud involved)
Seeing the bluest water that has ever existed in Tobago Cays along with SO many turtles
Eating bagels in the rain
Stories of the legend Matt G. (Steve’s bestie)
France rejecting us
Circumnavigating Nevis with Marin, Dory, and Sash
Hearing about Holly’s horse taking her for a little swim
The leadership challenge
Matthew’s “secret” ingredients
Almost dropping a huge pan of food on Kasey’s head while gophering because I really just didn’t have the pan.
Similarly, dropping the condiment bin every time I tried passing it up (It’s really heavy I swear)
Amanda’s sheer disappointment in me when I lost a knife or 2
Sweating the peak halyard with Dory
Lolo is reading us the Snail and the Whale (her most favorite story) on our last day.
Being tired after “hiking” to Fort Brimstone only to find out this wasn’t even classified as a hike compared to what was ahead (they were right)
Lolo trying to operate Willie’s tiny boat
Having to redo my figure 8 coils just so many times
The man that questioned me about Ocean Star’s ensign and then didn’t believe me
Hearing about Matthew having a bit of breakfast underwater

When thinking of all these memories and so many more (I could honestly write a book), I find it difficult not to be sad that our time aboard Ocean Star has come to an end and that our virtual squeezes are coming close to ending as well. But then I think of a very wise bear, Winnie the Pooh. There’s a quote he said that I find myself thinking of very often, which says something along the lines of “how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” It’s crazy that we were only together 45 days, but when it came down to saying goodbye, it was so sad (I was seriously crying like crazy). After living together for 45 days, we were family, and the bond we share is something I can’t really put into words, other than I’m so grateful to have experienced something that made saying goodbye so hard.

Signing off as skipper one last time (if you enjoy my writings, you should buy my theoretical book)


So here are a collection of really beautiful memories (literally all my film ones because I’m obsessed with them)

My absolute favorite view from Ocean Star
Dory and I are having a good ole time.
Kenz throwing up gang signs as usual
Lolo and Amana waving us off as we were headed to the airport
Kenz, Marin, Dory, Kasey, Tye and I were having fun on the martingale
Our last sunset, it was beautiful as usual
My attempt at climbing up the bobstay (rematch #1)
Captured Marin and Tye’s true essence
Marin and Kenz eating some really good ice cream in Bequia
Kenz, Gus, Tye, Matt, Sash, Marin, and Dory at the top of a literal volcano (it was quite the hike)
Indian River tour in Dominica