Location: Morris Bay, Antigua

Day 8 started out with a greeting from a friendly dolphin and the bright Caribbean sun. The second and last diving group got certified and came back with excitement from sightings of barracudas and eagle rays. While they were busy filling out ID logs, the rest of us caught up on laundry and downtime, which was quite needed for today. For lunch, we were treated with sandwiches, most of us unaware how necessary a PB+J really was. The afternoon quickly turned to evening, and while the rest of us enjoyed the beautiful unset, Connor begrudgingly cooked 49 lbs of rice noodles for our stir-fry dinner. Our squeeze of the day was “What is your spirit food?” and a lot of us are experiencing shore food cravings. Tomorrow’s excursion means our first steps on land and a beach picnic. I think a lot of us are ready to find our land legs again! Tonight we are watching Pirates of the Caribbean and hitting bed early for our exciting day tomorrow!

Lots of love to all,
Skippa Ryan xo