Location: Falmouth Harbour

Hello all, Carolyn popping in here, aka Cah-rollin aka C$. Today, after two courses in Marine Biology and Seamanship, Vela picked up anchor and migrated East to Falmouth Harbour. Upon arrival, the crew dinghied over to the beach for a lovely sunset dinner. Unfortunately, I was off the boat all day getting food for these yahoos, and I can only relay the day’s events as they were relayed to me: Dylan: “It started out the same as every other day, and it ended just about the same too.” Ryan: “Distrust cats.” Annika: “I don’t understand how the atomic bomb works.” Lizzy: “YAY, ice cream!” Calum (who served as number 1 shopping pal) *insert South African accent*: “Now these be monsters.”

With a rented SUV filled to the brim with provisions and a belly full of cold brew, Calum and I journeyed back to the harbor and transferred our haul into our hard-working dinghy. The rest of the crew were so helpful, stowing everything away, and after a long day, we all hit the hay early, quickly falling asleep by the rocking of the boat and the cool breeze of the night blowing into our cabin hatches.

Please enjoy the attached photos for fun beach times and foods that I found amusing at the grocery store.

All of my love,

PS. Dear Lawrence Benjamin Rubin, you are wished a very happy, slightly early birthday. We sincerely wish you the best.