Location: Underway to the Marquesas

During the passage, the day starts earlier for some than others due to watch. We maintain a lookout on the bow, helm the boat, plot our position, and check the deck, engine room, and living quarters for problems every single hour, along with having deep conversations, riveting games of 20 questions, and the not so occasional dance party. The wind picked up enough this morning for watch team 2 to confidently raise the jib and mainsail, effectively giving Argo an extra 2 knots on our travels to Marquesas. Our two-week-long passage has been a breeze, with the days often running together due to our consistent schedule of lunch, classes, showers, dinner, sleep, night watch, sleep some more, and repeat.

We have been lucky with this passage in that our chefs have made fresh bread nearly every single day. Today was no exception. With the chef team accidentally tripling the bread recipe and making nearly six large slices of bread per person for lunch, we were all very happy (especially David D). Along with the copious amounts of bread, we had pasta salad and chickpea salad for lunch. This was followed by leadership and marine biology, where we learned about estuaries. Everyone showered and then either went back on watch, worked on homework, practiced chart work, or napped.

Before dinner, we also covered the 5000 nautical miles of our journey. In older sailing times, sailors showed their experience by getting a swallow tattoo for every 5000 nm they sailed. To remember this trip, some students hope to get a swallow tattoo at our last destination in Tahiti. Following this milestone, we had a dinner that consisted of wings, sweet potatoes, and of course, leftover bread. We ended the day with our appreciation and the squeeze question, “what kind of fruit would the person on your right be?” And back to watch we went.

(Happy Birthday, Koy! I luff you have a good birthday talk to you next week <3- Kai)

Bianca and Eliza squeezing in a nap between classes, Bianca practicing her sail handling skills, Jack helping Brittany hose off during showers

Current location:
753.57′ S
12742.81′ W