Location: Underway to the Marquesas

Today marks our 15th (16th?) day of passage. All of the days are quickly melting together as we get closer and closer to our destination. As always, it is an early morning for whichever team is on watch (and a late night for those on watch before them). After motoring a bit for the last few days, today we began to sail again, as we got a bit more wind than we have the last few days. Once the morning watches came to a close, the chef team of the day began to set up for lunch, and we were all greeted with an excellent meal of pumpkin curry and rice. After a quick cleanup, we all got settled into classes, with today being oceanography and seamanship.

Oceanography was spent learning all about the fascinating marine ecosystems and the way that energy is transferred within them. After Amanda’s lecture, we began talking about tides and currents in seamanship, learning how to read diamond charts and the way to deal with tides when sailing a vessel. After classes and showers, once again the chef team surprised us with an excellent meal of pizza! Including a dessert of peanut butter cookies and fruit. After their fabulous meal, we did our usual squeeze, followed by cleanup, and the watch teams prepared themselves for another evening of watch, all dreaming of the few days remaining ’til we reach the Marquesas.

Jack’s Daily Tallies:
Pizzas were eaten: 8
Pumpkins made into curry: 1
Late night conversations about food: 39902

Your skipper of the day,


Pictured: The whole crew is enjoying dinner. Amy, Jack, and Jenna producing their fantastic pizza for dinner, with Sophie hard at work. A tremendous sunset.

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