Location: Great Harbor Peter, BVI

Today was a long day of cruising between many incredible places to end up at our final destination in Great Harbor Peter. We began the day pulling up the anchor and eating our breakfast underway. This would be the first of four times that we hauled up the anchor today! We motored to Coral Gardens for our third Open Water Dive. On this dive, we encountered our first wreck – an airplane that had actually been taken down for the film 6 Days, 7 Nights. The plane has become home for tons of animals and plants – but the red, white and blue Union Jack on the body of the plane was still slightly visible under all the sea life. Around the plane we saw several barracudas, which at one time I was totally frightened of but have come to see them as just another fish swimming around. After the dive, we hauled up the dinghies and the anchor and left for Spanishtown. Most of us had lunch on land during our shore time. Provisions were refilled and we then headed back to the boat to leave for the Baths. The Baths were incredible. There were huge rocks with paths all through them and beautiful clear water around them. We got to explore the Baths for a couple of hours before heading back to the boat for our final move to Great Harbor Peter. We had our first underway shower on this quick motor which consisted of everyone getting sprayed down by a firehouse – it was an interesting experience to say the least. We had a Mexican dinner when we arrived that Jack and Clara cooked underway. We ate as the sun set behind the hilly mountains surrounding us. It was another incredible day aboard Ocean Star!