Location: Saba

For half of the crew, Day 17 started out like any day should, with two dives on some of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean. While the first half was diving, the rest of the crew had the opportunity to explore the beautiful island of Saba. However, due to a rocky beach and a fast-moving current, the dinghy could only take the exploration team so far. The only way for us to get onto the island required a short, thrilling swim from the dinghy to the beach, followed by what felt like a never-ending climb up an old stone staircase that was built into Saba’s hillside. Once in town, the crew found delicious burgers and a nice little cafe, a much-deserved reward after the hard climb. After lunch, the halves of the crew switched places, allowing everyone to have their fair share of diving and stair climbing adventures. By dinnertime, everyone was exhausted from the day’s activities, but we were equally excited about our sail back to the BVI’s. With full stomachs, we set off under the stars on what would be our last night passage of this unforgettable journey.