Location: Saba

What a day we’ve had sailing our beautiful Ocean Star! After a yummy French toast breakfast cooked by chefs Robert and Will, the crew got the boat ready for passage. We left St. Barths, but our ambitious plan to fly six sails lasted about twenty minutes before a little mini-storm forced us to bring the flying jib back down. Oh well, at least we tried! A couple of squalls and a bit of seasickness later, we arrived safe and sound at Dutch-owned Saba. So far, we are moored right outside the island, and tomorrow more adventures await us: morning diving, shore time, and then our last sail passage to bring us back to the British Virgin Islands. Now to the drama of the day. We were having dinner; it was just a typical meal. Peter had just finished downing a gallon of pink lemonade. He was heading back for 5ths when a bouncy bowl bounded overboard. Before the sound waves of the splash had even reached our ears, Peter had carefully suspended his sunglasses on the pin rail and swan dove off the cap rail. No sooner had the shock subsided than the bowl was recovered, and Peter had climbed back on board. Heroic. Kirstie was a babe and made us all delicious brownies and chocolate cake for dessert, so crew status right now: happy, fed and ready for bed. Saba, come at us!