Location: British Virgin Islands

What an amazing day to add to our journey. We arrived in the BVI early this morning after a quiet, smooth night of sailing. Although we were all a little sleepy, we moved fast to clean the boat because we had such awesome plans ahead of us! After a quick BA, we all jumped in the dinghies and rode to the Baths! Crystal clear water rocks all around and so many caves and crooks to explore! We all soaked in some beautiful sights at the top of the rocks, hopped back onboard Ocean Star, had some delicious pizza bagels, and set off for our last and final dive site, The Rhone, a shipwreck from years before during a hurricane. We couldn’t wait to jump in and explore the sunken vessel and see all of the sea life that now inhabits it. As we dove, we went through the archways of the vessel, some even saying they felt a ghost touch or push them as they went! Eagle rays, stingrays, beautiful fish, and an abundance of coral life were seen in what we all expect to be the best dive of our lives! As the day comes to an end, we all start to feel the reality hit us, the fact that this amazing trip is about to end. Our sails rose for the last time today, but we will never forget the feeling of pulling lines and gliding through crystal clear waters!