Location: Bermuda

Today, like most, was full of the hustle and bustle of boat life. The morning was started with a cereal breakfast before our morning classes, Marine bio, and Leadership. First was Marine bio, which was a review for the upcoming exam. Shortly after followed Leadership, in which we continued our discussion on the movie White Squall. Our discussion concluded when lunch rolled around; we had sandwiches with proper deli meat (this was very well taken by all the meat-eaters aboard).

After lunchs clean up we put down the dinghy and prepared to get to shore for our pre-departure brain poking. I was on the first dinghy ride to land, and while waiting for the others, myself and my fellow shipmates napped in the grass near the dock. Meanwhile, on the second ride out, despite the expert driving on Smashs part, there was an incident where a bag of PFDS was blown into the water; a search and rescue was promptly started to retrieve said PFDs.

Walking through Bermuda to get to our covid tests, the streets were vacant and barren. The lockdown put in place allowed us to have Bermuda to ourselves. It was both eerie and bizarre to see no people in what was a busy city center. When covid tests were completed, we returned to Vela with a wet dinghy ride back. Soon after all had been brought back aboard, we raised anchor and moved to a small cove called Greenaway Deep. The motor out was a great time for people to do laundry or catch up on some free time. For dinner, we had fried chicken with eggplant fries next to Fern island; my compliments go out to the chefs. Thank you for your time; good day.

Photo No. 1: On deck while Vela is motoring out of Hamilton Harbour.
Photo No. 2: Greg gracefully retrieving the lost PFD’s.
Photo No. 3: Starboard channel marker of Hamilton Harbour.