Location: Bermuda

This morning I woke up early to make a cup of coffee and prepare my playlist of songs for wake-ups. That was successful as it had people jumping out of beds, lol. For breakfast, we had some bagels after we did clean-ups and class. For our first part of the day, we had our last seamanship class before the mock exam that is quite long. By the time both groups finished with the seamanship class, it was lunchtime.

Smash cooked us up some pasta with bacon crumbles and red sauce witch was so gas. After lunch, we had 2 more classes, leadership, and oceanography. In leadership, we are discussing similarities and differences of our program to a movie that we watched some days ago called “White Squall.” For oceanography, we watched a short film on ocean plastics and then had our lecture about ocean pollution as well as the blue planet II documentary. This was one of the most mentioned appreciations during our squeeze. After classes, we had some free time to do laundry or study for our exams tomorrow until dinner came around. We are eating well tonight!! Cheeseburgers were on point. After cleanups majority will be in the saloon preparing for the marine bio exam tomorrow.

P.S We got rid of the power stache.

Photo 1 – Leadership class, Calum leading the course with student in the background.
Photo 2- Dishie pit powering through the dishes. (Meghan, Katie, Maddie, Smash, Leoni)
Photo 3- The crew is enjoying the supper (Charlie, Sonnet, Bennitt, Katie, Sonnet)