Location: St. George, Bermuda

Today was heavy on testing. We started off the day with a study hall that lasted the entire morning and into the afternoon. After that, we took our biology exam, which we had been dreading for the previous night. Then we moved the boat back to St. Georges harbor during lunch so that we will be able to check out of customs and eventually begin our passage to the island of Saba, where we hope to find warmer waters that will allow us to begin our rescue diver courses. While we were moving the boat, we had to have a pilot aboard to help us navigate the boat through Bermuda’s many reefs. He stayed on board for lunch with us, but due to covid, there were minimal interactions.

Then after lunch and the bio exam, the second seamanship group had their mock exam while the first group, which I am a part of, had time to relax and do nothing, which most of us used to catch up on hours of sleep that were lost due to the previous nights studying. Now, we are currently provisioning and preparing for the inevitable passage that lies before us. We are also replenishing our supply of trash bags, which we ran out of. As for the remainder of the evening, we have a trivia night planned, the theme of which is Vela, the crew, and places we have been on this trip, but it is definitely going to be a relaxed night that will allow us to wind down and enjoy being done with tests for the moment.

Photo 1. A picture was taken by Colm off the stern of Vela while we were motoring.
Photo 2. Max and Katelyn attempting to study
Photo 3. Provisioning in the galley
Photo 4. Leoni (right) and Smash (left) provisioning in the dinghy