Location: Hamilton, Bermuda

Hi everyone,

After a long night of anchor and “Tiny G” watch, it was time to start a new day in Bermuda. The chilly Monday morning started off with a wonderful and elaborate breakfast spread of crepes, chocolate sauce, berry spread, and peanut butter courtesy of the chefs Katie, Greg, and Sonnet. It was a great way to start the sleepy morning. After breakfast, we got the news that COVID regulations were going into effect tomorrow, so Smash planned for us to have some final shore-time in Hamilton to say our goodbyes.

Spirits were high going onshore, as this meant classes for the morning were canceled. Although the weather was drizzly and the water was choppy, we all had fun buying souvenirs, warm clothes, stocking up on the essentials (snacks), enjoying a meal out, and stretching our legs before the long passage back to the Caribbean. Greg and I spent some time in the city park, Katelyn, Sonnet, and Hannah did some laundry, Jordan bought a ukulele, and the rest of the crew spent some time in the stores. The time was bittersweet as we all felt like we only just scratched the surface of what Bermuda has to offer.

In the afternoon, we all loaded back in the dingy for Vela and spent the time before dinner organizing our bunks and our new purchases. There is a lot of stuff!! No one knows how they are going to be able to fit everything in their suitcases at the end of the trip. For dinner, the chefs prepared carbonara, which was also delicious. We ended the meal with the squeeze question, “out of the places we have visited on this trip, where would you live?” Despite our short time here, many said that they would love to live here and that it reminded them of home. The other popular answer, and my personal favorite choice, was Bonaire because of the amazing diving and warm, steady temperatures. That’s a wrap for a successful day in Bermuda!

Talk to you next time,
Skipper Andrea

-Hi Mom, Dad, and everyone! Love you and happy very late Easter!!

-1and2: Greg trying to blend in with the locals
-3: Maddie and Meghan doing some early morning project work on deck
-4: Me, Katie, and Maddie getting ready for the cold passage back through the Bermuda Triangle
-5: Mack, Hannah, Katlyn, and Val waiting for the dinghy after a day of shopping
-6: Me, Mack, and Val cheesing after dinner
-7: Anthony exploring town
-8: Maddie planning to take over as captain