Location: Pinching Bay, Antigua

We started off our day with some great music at 7 am, as usual. We were then treated to a great breakfast of cereal and yogurt and were surprised to learn that the boat’s anchor had dragged quite a bit overnight! After breakfast, we got straight to work raising the anchors and preparing to move Ocean Star to a different location where we would be more sheltered from the wind. After this hands-on seamanship practice, we got to learn even more about seamanship from Brahm, who taught us about the paperwork needed on boats, different types of flags on boats, and how to prepare for a passage. Because we unexpectedly had to move the boat, a planned dive before lunch had to be canceled for the day. For lunch, we had some chili with plenty of cheese, much to everyone’s excitement. After lunch, we had an oceanography lecture, where Sam taught us about the different types of sediment found on the ocean floor. Right after oceanography, we had a surprise leadership class, where we finished listening to each student’s favorite song. For the rest of the day, we had free time! Everybody spent their free time lounging on the deck of the boat, reading, doing work, swimming, and chatting. Many of us also spent time studying for our first test tomorrow, which will be in Marine Biology. The weather today was beautiful, making this free time even more appreciated. For dinner, Brahm and his sous chefs made some arepas, which were delicious and enjoyed very much by everyone on board. Everyone is looking forward to setting sail for St Vincent in a few days!

Picture 1: Keaton, Meg, and Henry working hard to lift the anchor
Picture 2: Grady doing a signature backflip
Picture 3: The view as we moved to a new location
Picture 4: Sous chefs Meg and Noah working on a meal
Picture 5: Dishy pit!
Picture 6: Everyone lounging on deck
Picture 7: Katie, Keaton, and Celia posing in front of the island