Location: Carlisle Bay, Antigua

They say that Special K is the breakfast of champions, but we’re convinced it’s actually Marshmallow Mateys. Think Lucky Charms, but very off-brand. Keaton is convinced that we see rainbows when we eat them, and today we saw two! I think it was a good omen for our bio test, but we’ll see when the grades come back. Steve did not hold back on the questions about phytoplankton. After the test, we sailed away from our anchor spot so that we can get our Covid tests tomorrow in Antigua. Celia loaned us some of her pink zinc, so we felt like real sailors, and we managed a pretty seamless sail besides Henry’s lost hat. Maybe it will reunite with Julien’s airpod that also went overboard. After a great pasta lunch from Ash, Brahm taught us some knots that we then tied to every available surface of the boat. At this point, I think I’m going to be tying clove hitches in my sleep. No diving today, but a fun afternoon of swimming and throwing a deflated football we found. Grady also figured out how to work the surround sound speakers in the salon, much to Steve’s chagrin. Don’t Stop Believing can get pretty loud on those things. Dinner was Toad in the Hole, a Steve specialty, and although some of us (me particularly) were skeptical, it turned out to be a big hit. Gearing up for a movie night and, hopefully, some chocolate chip cookies, followed by my 1-2 am anchor watch. We’re all getting excited for our first passage to St. Vincent and the first day of student head chef tomorrow! Liam, we’re all rooting for you. Goodnight from Antigua, and miss you all at home!

1) 1st rainbow, featuring Erin eating breakfast
2) 2nd rainbow, this time a full one! This time featuring Vela, another Seamester ship
3) The pink zinc gang (thanks, Celia)
4) Julian emerging from the depths of the salon
5) Keaton and I feeling ourselves
6) Bunny ears on Steve
7) Stern crew raising the staysail
8) Katie is steering the boat!! Putting Steve out of a job
9) Erin taking a break
10) Celia diving off the boat like the swimmer she is
11) Ash enjoying sunset and his Toad in the Hole
12) Chris getting seconds. Maybe thirds? No one is surprised, but we love him for it