Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Have you met the kindest man in Antigua? Probably not, but today we got to. I started off my morning by watching the sunrise with Grady, Celia, and Addisen before waking the rest of the crew up. We ate our first student-cooked breakfast (Liam killed it!!), and we’re on our way. We motored over to the Falmouth harbor, which holds some of the most expensive boats in the world, according to Brahm. The way over was beautiful and blue! Once we got there, Celia led a discussion in leadership that went great. By the time we were done with that, it was already lunch, and Liam had prepared us some hefty nachos. We had our first oceanography quiz than a class, making everyone very tired. Then was time to soak up some sun! We slathered on some soy sauce-smelling tanning lotion. The brand is Maui Babe, and I think the crew of Ocean Star would give it 5 stars because it even made Celia tan. We painted our nails, and even some of the boys hopped in on it and got their toes done. Then was time to swing dance. Celia was teaching us, and even if it wasn’t pretty, it was a lot of fun. We then loaded in Zodiacs and were on our way to get swabbed for Covid. We stepped onto solid land for the first time in 2 weeks and got handed our papers. We stood in line while person after person got swabbed and got told the story of Louie Lou. Louie Lou is not only the kindest man in Antigua; he is also a Grammy winner. After we were all done, it was time to say goodbye to the land and reunite with the Ocean Star. It was okay, though because, by the time we got back on the boat, Liam had some tasty tacos waiting for us. While eating dinner, Grady got to show off his burrito rolling skills, which he was very proud of. Liam did great as chef today, and it was a great ending to a great day. For mom and dad back home, I miss you!

Pic 1: Celia dosing off like a little angel
Pic 2: Painted toes and tanning time!
Pic 3: Meg holding her new superyacht! so cute
Pic 4 and 5: Addisen and I doing our thang
Pic 6: Addisen and Noah on the way to Covid testing
Pic 7: The squad and their paperwork
Pic 8: Celia getting her brain poked
Pic 9: Swing dance lessons