Location: Nevis

Today was our first day in Nevis. After our standard breakfast yogurt and cereal, we went ashore for either cycling or horseback riding on the beach, but first, we had to get a taxi ride to our destination. Our driver was Watuski cab driver and local singer/songwriter. He drove us past Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace and told us a lot of the history in Nevis. After the day’s excursion, we rode back with Watuski, and some of us purchased CD’s from Watuski. Most of the group myself included went cycling, and Nevis is far from flat. The first half of the island was a struggle lots of uphill with short stops for food and water, but once we made it the top of pond hill, it was all downhill to the pier. It was so incredibly steep that we couldn’t pedal, and we were going the same speed as the cars. Now we are back on the ocean star taking showers and getting ready for dinner at the sunshine bar and grill. Overall I could not think of a better way to spend my summer.

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