Location: Nevis

My day started when I was woken up for the 12 am-3 am -deck watch shift. We rotated in 3-hours-shifts: 3 hours on and 6 hours off. The sea was rough, and we had to clip our harnesses onto jack lines when we were walking on the boat, but it was beautiful to sail by the stars and the moon! In the morning, we saw flying fish on the side of our boat, roaring over the waves. The scenery was great: we passed by a couple of islands along the way. We arrived at Nevis at around 3 in the afternoon. Everyone immediately jumped into the water. Some kids climbed up to the 6th level of the ratlines and jumped into the water from there. How exciting! Now, we just finished dinner and are cleaning up because soon we will have an MTE (sailing theory class) with Captain Kris.