Location: Spanish town, BVI's to Nevis!

Today was definitely not a bad day of work. We had an early wake-up this morning, but I heard no complaints because they were being woken up to go diving! Everyone got to get in the water and explore instead of just working on their open water diver certification skills. I got to relax, read a book, and I sat on the surface for the divers. As soon as they surfaced, a few of them would quickly rifle off descriptions of fish they saw so that I could ID them (which reminds me I have to brush up on my Caribbean reef fish identifications!) Tor and Tina poured some love into breakfast and cooked us some wonderful heart-shaped pancakes. After a quick clean-up, we motored around the coast of Virgin Gorda to Spanish Town. Everyone was anxious for a little shore time to pick up their favorite snacks and some internet to send some emails home before our long voyage. When everyone was back on board, we prepped the boat for passage and battened down the hatches. Followed by a quick dinner, and then it was off to Nevis! A 125-mile journey lies ahead. We will see how the crew fares for their first time facing the open seas, where even the toughest of men can be brought to their knees. I am incredibly excited to get back out to the open ocean for a night passage as a staff member this time around. Let’s hope the wind and the waves stay favorable!