Location: Pearns Point, Antigua

This morning started off right with the smell of pancakes drifting into the cabins. Big shoutout to the early morning galley crew of Leoni, Jordan, and Will for making my task of rousing everyone easier! It was a beautiful clear day, though the high winds are still kicking up enough sand underwater that scuba diving is out of the picture. A full day of school it is! We started off in Leadership, where Sonnet and Jordan led our first official discussion. They certainly lived up to the name of the class – the conversation flowed as smoothly as the evolution of homologous traits we learned to track in Marine Biology an hour later! (Oof)
Before lunch, we got even more windblown as we raised the anchor to make a quick trip around to Pearn’s Point, so we’re ready to restock on rations. The fruit nets have been looking pretty bleak these last few days. But thank goodness – we have no shortage of carbs, and for lunch, we dug into some cheese quesadillas while settling into our new surroundings. (We even saw a car drive down-shore! Civilization!)
After lunch, we had a full afternoon in the dungeon- I mean, salon – completing the first leg of our Emergency First Response Course. Our mental resuscitation came in the form of freshwater showers! We washed away all the residual salt, and before dinner, Katelyn, Andrea, and Maddie partook in some sunset “doga.” (dinner yoga) After all that theoretical rescuing and yoga-ing, we were all ready for our third meal of the day – pasta with creamy tomato sauce! All carbs = All smiles.

Photo 1: Deckie Crew hard at work
Photo 2: In (short) Passage
Photo 3: Dishy pit
Photo 4: Excited for Quesadillas
Photo 5: Sunset at the new digs
Photo 6: Gopher Maddie approves this message!