Location: Pinching Bay, Antigua

Mayday mayday, we have run out of coffee! Spirits are still high, however plans have been made to downgrade to green tea. No one knows what will happen next. Any parachute packets with instant coffee or espresso machines are appreciated. Our current location remains the same and apart from infrequent rain showers conditions are ideal for delivery.

We were distracted from the lack of caffeine by literally everything else that surround us on Vela. One of the most, as Anthony would say, “fire”, “A1”, “cold” or “rad” places to relax, chat and refuel with sun energy are the bow sprit nets. After a recap on dive tables, Hannah, Katie, Andrea, and Meghan chilling on the net, while Colm and Anthony used it to take a nap after seamanship and oceanography classes. During our seamanship class we learned about different types of boats, anchors, safety precautions, and new boat vocabulary. In Oceanography, Leoni taught us about Pangea, and the movements of the ocean. I think right now it seems like we live on our own continent, if not planet. Jumping into the sea after classes from our schooner (boat type) without our life vests (safety equipment), into the ocean (the ocean crust is denser than the continental crust) felt surreal. We were surprised by a short rain shower, which everyone responded to in different ways:

Hannah and Ethan channeled the energy of the rain with their meditative powers, Colm, Mac and me jumped into the sea to channel the energy of the ocean. Andrea and Jordan used the opportunity to take a shower, while Max, Will and Katelyn put their energy into homework.

After dinner we were surprised with a whole different kind of energy… Browniiiieeeessss!! The chocolate filled goodies (also an idea for parachute rations) lifted spirits high and left everyone prepared for a time without coffee.

Picture 1: Greg enjoying his last cup of coffee after breakfast.
Picture 2: Hannah, Andrea, Meghan and Katie chilling on the bow sprit.
Picture 3: Anthony and Colm napping together.
Picture 4: Swimming time!!!
Picture 5: Max studying sailing style.
Picture 6: Drej and Ethan after channeling the rain.
Picture 7 and 8: Just the beautiful view from our beautiful Vela.
Picture 9: Some of the shipmates watching Calum service the dinghy outboards.