Location: Underway to the Tuamotus

We’re coming up on the end of our passage to Ahe atoll in the Tuamotu Islands. We should be there in the morning. Today was another great day on passage doing the normal passage activities. On the 0800-1200 watch this morning, watch team 3 changed the sail plan up and hauled up the flying jib and also the fisherman. Meg was so impressed with our raising of the fisherman she told us that it was perfect (and she has some pretty high standards).

Rolling into lunch, our head chef Peter and sous chef team of Tim and Seby cooked up a delicious lunch of rice noodles and veggies. After lunch, we had oceanography where we took our last quiz of the semester! After oceanography, half of us took the mock nav master exam and the other half that had taken it the other day went over their results. We’re getting close to the real nav master exam; it’s just next week.

After classes, we had a scheduled fire drill where we used the ship’s central fire pump and fire hose to practice fighting a fire by spraying it off the leeward side of the boat. That was a lot of fun. Shower time happened shortly after that, which if you didn’t know, we use the fire hose pump for deck showers every day just hooked up a little differently. This means the water comes out as fast as a fire hose which is always interesting.

Chef team cooked up an also delicious dinner of sausages, roasted vegetables, and watermelon for dinner. Now we roll back into watch schedule for the night, and when we wake up tomorrow, it will be all hands on deck to bring us into Ahe atoll.

Pictured: Bianca learning to whip some line
Kai and Eliza on bow watch
David D helming

Current position: