Location: Ahe Atoll, Tuamotus

We have made it to Ahe Atoll!!!

This passage felt much too short to be real after our massive 19-day voyage across the Pacific, but here we are. This morning we were greeted with an amazing view of the coral and low-lying island ring surrounding the lagoon, where we will be spending the next few days. Entering the lagoon was quite a feat, as we had to arrive at the right time to be able to enter on a slack tide to safely get through the narrow pass that serves as the main entry. We arrived in plenty of time to watch team 1 to drop the sails beautifully and even do a little recon run close by the entrance to test out the current and flow on the approach. We also put Tim up the rig to stand lookout on the first spreader. If Argo had a crow’s nest, that would have been the perfect spot to look for coral, sandbars, and any other obstructions as we entered the lagoon. When the tide was just right, we entered smoothly, with the only excitement being the views of the coral and fish under the blue water.

The Atoll is a beautiful place, and I know we are all very, very happy to be here (and to be able to walk around on deck without our PFDs). After we dropped anchor in the calm, clear waters of the inner lagoon, like a well-oiled machine, we rolled immediately into anchor life preparations and a little bit of boat appreciation. A wonderful lunch prepared by our captain and a fun time swimming and backflipping off the bowsprit pulled the afternoon together. The rest of the afternoon was fairly relaxed (with the exception of the divemaster candidates taking their exams!), and we finished off the day with roasted chicken, lots of veggies, and rice before Squeeze. Tonight’s question was, “If you could have a catchphrase, what would it be?” We got lots of creative and amusing answers. We are preparing for a marine biology class with Amy before we catch a good night’s sleep in paradise.

Tim up the mast
Coming into Ahe
Brittany and Eliza handling the sail cover
Bryant breaking down the BA
Drake, London, and Alexa on the Martingale netting
Beautiful sunset during dinner