Location: 16,28.33N;061,55.47W

Carrying on towards Antigua, through the early morning the watches, we were graced with strong winds and calm seas (a combination that is nearly impossible in the open ocean we have left behind for the pleasant Caribbean seas.) Lunch is often what marks the real start of the day while underway, and this was no different. A delicious mac ‘n cheese waited for us as we all gathered together to review our plans. With Antigua is less than a day away, we spent the afternoon finishing presentations in oceanography and completing practice exams for our nav master course (pictured). Singing sea shanties, spotting rainbows (pictured), and even studying for future classes helped the time pass until dinner, which was somehow better than lunch. A fairly simple meal of burritos (pictured) was just what we needed about 4 hours out from being anchored. I was relieved from watch around 2355, and as watch team three headed down to sleep, the final moments of the day had watch team one preparing to anchor shortly.