Location: Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines to Antigua

This morning I was met with both wide eyes and smiles as I woke the rest of the crew for the day. Getting everyone out of their bunks in the morning isn’t always an easy task, but thankfully I had some help from our chefs, who tempted everyone up onto deck for a delicious banana bread breakfast. Post breakfast, everyone gathered in the salon for the continuation of their previous leadership class focused on values, followed by a value auction. The auction could be heard from on deck, as everyone bid their money on the values they considered most important (this included things like family to spontaneity and financial stability.) Once our provisions arrived back on board near lunchtime, we hoisted the anchor and set sail for Antigua, the next stop along our Caribbean island-hopping adventure! Sailing is always a good time, but the nice weather we were having made for a great afternoon. Once full from lunch, the crew broke into teams to tackle a couple of power hours of BA (boat appreciation), to give some love back to Argo and have her feeling squeaky clean. The always crowd-pleasing deck showers were next on our list of things to do, after which we sat down for a hearty meal of spaghetti bolognese. Getting to watch the sunsets on board is one of my favorite things, without land in the way we get to watch the sun dip below the horizon in an amazing array of colors. Once darkness fell, we were treated to a blanket of bright stars overhead, and people could point out the various constellations that have kept us company (Orion, the big dipper, the southern cross.) We broke into our watches for the evening, and as many went down below to their bunks, the watch team on deck settled in as we continued towards Antigua.