Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Today we started our morning with an early 5:30 wakeup to watch what ended up being one of the most beautiful sunrises in order go and have breakfast on a small island in the Tobago Keys before our short passage to Bequia. This tiny slice of paradise was used as a film location in the first Pirates of The Caribbean movie, where Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan are marooned. Already feeling like pirates on Argo, and watching the movie just a couple of nights ago as a crew, this fact only added to the effect. There is a lot going on in the world right now, with one already dearly missed crew member leaving today, returning to Columbia to help aid with the Corona Virus and to finish her medical degree. Marie-Louise will remain here with us in our hearts for the rest of the trip and beyond. With all the craziness, the peace and tranquility of the ocean remind us all to take a deep breath and to appreciate this adventure and the beauty that is all around us. Even though there is no way of knowing exactly what is about to happen next, we are taking each moment one at a time. Together we are strong, sailing safely out of harm’s way bounded by this experience, grateful that we are able to continue on.

With love and compassion to all,