Location: Underway to the San Blas Islands

Today marks the first 1/3 of our trip!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. While underway, our days start at noon with lunch, followed by several classes. Today we had Oceanography, Basic Seamanship, and Marine Biology. When we finished class, we all went up on deck for showers. We take turns showering with saltwater, then shampooing and then rinsing with fresh water. It’s been a rough passage in the sense that the waves have been decent, and we’ve been rocking and rolling the whole time. Sleeping has been quite a challenge. Things tend to take flight in the middle of the night, and we wake up rushing to catch a water bottle or backpack. We are all excited to have a day or two of peace in the San Blas Islands. Those of us who are taking Professional Skipper and Crew Training are learning collision regulations, lights, sounds, terminology, maritime law, charting, etc. PSCT is definitely my favorite class. I mentioned in my podcast that we were followed by a couple of dolphins no more than 4-5ft long. We all had fun watching them play in the wake; it was a great way to end the day. Anyways gotta go do some studying!!! Love and miss you, fam!