Location: Underway to the San Blas Islands

Well, into our passage to the San Blas, the crew here aboard Argo has experienced what is by far the most turbulent of passages so far. Which has prompted this goofy skipper to shout, “ride the wave,” every time an anti-gravity mishap occurs. Even as I sit here writing my blog post, it is a constant ab-workout to stay upright and a struggle to keep my laptop from taking flight. But not all is lost because, as this humbled skipper learned, in times of great hardship come high spirits and laughter. Even as one crewmember fell over the side of the cockpit onto their backside while enjoying a slice of homemade pizza (pizza which took well over 8 hours to prepare), there was nothing but smiles and hearty chuckles as most of us had similar moments in this rocky voyage. Between wrangling stray flying fish, recovering from flying egg disasters, or trying to stay planted on the ground (I think y’all understand the overlying theme here), good times were had. This is your most handsome skipper signing off. Goodnight, and good luck.