Location: Pacific Ocean

At 3:30 am, I was tapped awake by watch team two. I had barely blinked the sleep out of my eyes by the time I was up on deck receiving the briefing. I must admit I was having a tough time focusing on the briefing because I was trying to figure out what strange creature was joining us on watch. At 3:45 am, it’s hard to figure out if you are awake or still dreaming, and when students wear scary masks in the dark of night, it really does not help this waking process; thanks, Klay! After realizing I was not in a nightmare but rather this was just my reality, I settled in with watch team 3 and enjoyed the rest of my favorite watch, the 4 to 8. As we sat around watching the beautiful sunrise while sipping some coffee in the cockpit, life seemed as if it could never be better. That is until we hoisted the fisherman sail at 5:45 am and were suddenly cruising around 8.5kts! I looked on with such pride as watch team three scoured the deck looking for loose coils after flawlessly launching our 6th sail, these guys are turning into some serious sailors! After watch, everyone retired down below. It was a great morning to practice some celestial navigation of my own and then relax with another cup of coffee and watch team 1. When I came back down below, I was pleased to see Max and Toby staying up to study for their upcoming yacht master exams. Those guys know how to grind! After lunch, watch team three was back on deck for sail handling as the wind began to become more variable with the passing rain showers. Melina and Sandra are really stepping up as great leaders for watch team three; both are now confidently leading sail handling with great communication and clarity.

I’ve also noticed how Courtney is always stepping up to be the first one in line to help with anything, and Molly practically runs watch team three with how many boat checks and helming hours she has completed! After enjoying some delicious cooking by Anna, we all sat around the cockpit for the squeeze. The question from tonight: what is a major life goal you would like to accomplish? I was pleased to hear how many of them were sailing-related! Squeeze ended with some wolf pack howling at the sky. That’s all for today; it’s just another good day underway! Mac P.S. As usual, I miss my family and wish you could all be here with me! I love you guys so much. And Sam, I can’t wait to call and tell you all about the passage. I love you so much.